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Why might stressed / older animals require a longer appointment? / Aggressive Pets.

At Natalie's Rascals your pets comfort and safety go hand in hand as our number one priority.
We understand that some pets may be stressed during grooming appointments, whether it be the fact that they had had a bad experience at a previous grooming establishment or associate grooming with a visit to the vet, fear of water, or any other reason.
Although we have an inviting & relaxing salon, pets could be fearful especially on their first appointment. We understand the delicacy of this situation and vow to treat your pets with quality care. When a pet is showing signs of stress we will recommend a longer appointment to allow breaks if needed. We can pamper your pet and take a few breaks in between, this method has been known to reduce stress. In addition stressed pets will receive a complimentary essential oil calming treatment. (Refer to our essential oils blog) The essential oil method is a fairly new practice, but has shown great improvements in stress management for pets. Keeping your pets best interest in mind, if we think your pet is too stressed to complete the grooming process we will stop services. Of course we will do the best to ensure your pet looks good, but there is a chance that the uncompleted groom may not meet your original preferences. We will recommend coming back soon and trying the process again in hopes that your pet will then associate our establishment with a happy place. Gaining your pets trust over time is more beneficial than forcing them and causing more stress.
This brings us to older pets, we love your senior pets just as much as you do.
Natalie's Rascals team members have worked with several senior pets in our career's within the animal field at daycare's, vet offices and shelters. Therefor we understand the delicate care they may require. Again your pets comfort and safety go hand in hand as our number one priority. We understand that with old age pets may become arthritic which may make it difficult to stand for a long period of time. Again as stated above we will allow a longer appointment for older pets to accommodate breaks in between grooming if needed. We also understand that other health issues could factor into having to go slower. We would rather go slow and remain patient with your senior than rush the process. Rushing any grooming process is not ideal nor in the best interest of the pet. If the event that we do not feel it is safe to groom your senior pet to our standards we will communicate this with you. In some cases a dogs health can ultimately cause us to refuse services, or suggest other options. This is a difficult choice to make, but as always is with your pets best interest in mind.
In the event that your pet has history of biting, please tell us / enclose said information in your grooming contract / pet form. Example if your dog is known to bite when it's tail is rubbed in a certain place please tell us. As we groom your pets we navigate our hands all over your pets body and we'd like to known of any problem areas prior so we can use caution is those areas.
* Please review our grooming waiver for further information.
Aggressive pets, why might an extra charge be added to my bill?
Grooming can be such an invasive process despite our tender & loving care. Some pets may react negatively to the process by biting, scratching, and moving about frantically. All these behaviors make the grooming process more difficult and more staff members may need to be added to the service to ensure quality care and safety for all. This may cause us to add an additional charge to your bill. We have the adequate tools and knowledge to ensure your pets safety as well as our staff members safety. At Natalie's Rascals muzzles are used as a last resort! Our muzzles are breathable and meet the national pet grooming standard guidelines. At times we may have to stop services for the day and suggest other options, such as sedation via your vet, or other options. We always ensure to be fair and think with safety in mind for all. In the event that a pet is aggressive we will do as much service as the pet allows for the day, this may result in an incomplete service. This isn't to our standards however, we feel if we can do a little more each time while working with your rascal to potentially shift the behavior is best. In the unlikely and unfortunate event we feel your pet is too dangerous to groom we will stop services, for the best interest of the pet and our staff members. We do not wish to insult any pet parents by making
this difficult decision and we wish that in the event that the pet parent(s) will understand. If your adult dog has never had an "official" spa day: If you have an adult dog that has not had a professional spa day before, we may have to take it slow and treat your pets booking as if it were a puppies first groom appointment. Please see details: