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New puppy? Consider familiarizing your puppy to spa services early

First off congratulations to the new addition to your family! We look forward to meeting the little or big rascal! If your puppy is long haired and will require haircuts often or your pups coat will only need moderate care, we highly suggest familiarizing your new rascal early. Set them up for success and allow us to work with them slowly to ensure a fur-tastic spa day!
Not only do we want to get our puppy fix, but we also recommend familiarizing your puppy with the grooming environment at an early age. Studies have show that dogs are more comfortable in the grooming environment / being groomed when introduced slowly as a puppy. Once your puppy has had his or her's first two series of shots and is in good health let's schedule a meet and greet appointment. This appointment can be a play date or a tour filled with love. A week or so later lets schedule a play date followed by your puppies first spa service, even if it's a simple bath to start. Puppies will require longer appointment's at first as we want to work with them slowly to assure them that the grooming process is positive.
This way your puppy will begin to associate our salon as a fun & happy place and not be fearful. If your puppy is going to require regular grooming services, we kindly recommend re scheduling every few weeks so the puppy continues to build a relationship with us.
As we groom any pet we use our hands to navigate gently around the pets body, and this can be uncomfortable (understandably so.) This is why we suggest the steps above so your puppy can become familiar with our staff and feel comfortable in our salon. You can help make the process easier from your home while relaxing or watching TV, rub your puppy or give him / her a puppy massage by gently touch the ears, tail, and feet. This helps get the puppy used to these areas being touched and in turn helps the process tremendously. When we book a puppies first spa day we book the service requested; however we will do as much as we can safely. Sometimes a puppy will be booked for a full hair cut, at times we can only do a bath or tidy trim to start. Clippers and others tools often make sounds and feel "funny" for lack of better words, and this can cause puppies to move about in fear or some puppies may more about due to excitement. Either way it will be a learning process for your new rascal and over time as your puppy continues to come we will progress each appointment. These decisions will be fully communicated to pet parents. As we want your pup to have a pawsitive experience. As always your pets comfort and safety go hand in hand as our number one priority. Some puppies may require a $10.00 additional fee to start services as they may require more time, detail, and assistance from other staff. This charge is rare.